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When people face criminal charges, it’s all too common for them to suffer prejudgment at the hands of their neighbors, colleagues, and perhaps even their own family. But the legal system can’t rush to judgment, and defendants need to know they have a lawyer who will stand firm, believe in them, and fight for their reputation and freedom. 

Attorney William J. Furber is the Westchester County defense lawyer defendants can rely on. He has an astute understanding of how the system works on both sides, and he’s built an impressive track record of winning at trial. While past results can never guarantee a future outcome, Attorney Furber’s record can offer defendants hope. 

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Our Practice Areas

Attorney Furber’s work includes defending people against the following charges: 


Whether it's theft, burglary, robbery, or embezzlement, a conviction can result in a big fine and a prison sentence. But valid defenses can be brought—was a defendant under real duress to take something? Is this a case of mistaken identity? Is there a misunderstanding involved? We’ll find out. 

Sex Crimes 

Being accused of a sex crime can have severe and lasting impacts on one’s personal and professional life, including being registered as a sex offender by the New York Sex Offender Registration Act (SORA). We understand what it takes to defend clients against charges such as sexual assault, rape, child pornography, and indecent exposure. 

Violent Crimes 

When defendants face charges that include assault, homicide, or domestic violence, they need a strategic lawyer who understands how to build a comprehensive defense and vigorously make the case in front of a jury.  

Drug Charges 

Drug-related offenses, whether possession, trafficking, or manufacturing, carry severe penalties and long-lasting consequences. Our Putnam County defense attorney is well-versed in the intricacies of drug laws and will explore every avenue to defend your rights. We will analyze the legality of the search and seizure procedures and challenge the evidence against you. 

DUI Violations

There are more ways to challenge a DUI charge than people may realize. The breath or blood test that was administered is by no means infallible. Depending on the circumstances, its mere administration may have violated your constitutional rights. The good news is that a police car’s dash cam footage will have everything recorded, and we understand how to go about challenging the evidence the D.A. brings forward. 

Traffic Violations

A traffic ticket may not put someone at risk of jail, but skyrocketing insurance rates can break their budget or leave them unable to drive. That’s a serious enough consequence to make calling our Westchester County defense attorney a good idea. We’ll review traffic cam footage, assess probable cause, and consider all options.  

Title IX Defense for Students

Accusations under Title IX, such as allegations of sexual assault, harassment, or discrimination, can significantly impact a defendant’s education and future prospects. We will conduct a thorough investigation, meticulously analyze the evidence, and challenge any violations of due process.

We Understand How the System Works

Before Attorney Furber was an accomplished Putnam County defense lawyer, he worked as a prosecutor in the District Attorney’s office. He knows the challenges that prosecutors face, and he knows that their cases are not always as strong as they like to make it appear when negotiating with a defendant. Attorney Furber can help his clients distinguish a good plea offer from one that should reject. And when it’s time to go to trial, he’s got a record of delivering good results. 

Reach out to Attorney William J. Further by calling (800) 954-5724 or by contacting us online. We’ll set up a free consultation. 


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