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When people face criminal charges, it’s all too common for them to suffer prejudgment at the hands of their neighbors, colleagues, and perhaps even their own family. But the legal system can’t rush to judgment, and defendants need to know they have a lawyer who will stand firm, believe in them, and fight for their reputation and freedom. 

Attorney William J. Furber is the Westchester County defense lawyer defendants can rely on. He has an astute understanding of how the system works on both sides, and he’s built an impressive track record of winning at trial. While past results can never guarantee a future outcome, Attorney Furber’s record can offer defendants hope. 

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We Understand How the System Works

Before Attorney Furber was an accomplished Westchester County defense lawyer, he worked as a prosecutor in the District Attorney’s office. He knows the challenges that prosecutors face, and he knows that their cases are not always as strong as they like to make it appear when negotiating with a defendant. Attorney Furber can help his clients distinguish a good plea offer from one that should reject. And when it’s time to go to trial, he’s got a record of delivering good results. 

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